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■June 9 & 12, 2021
Eiko Kano is going to be featured on “Young Artists Showcase,” one-hour program produced by WQXR, a historical classical music radio station in New York.

The program will be on air on:

1) June 9th,2021 at 9 PM (EDT)
*June 10th, 2021 at 10 AM (JST)

2) June 12th,2021 at 11 PM (EDT)
*June 13th,2021 at 12 noon (JST)

■April, 2021-
Recent performances of Eiko Kano are featured in “BRAVO Cafe”, a newly launched classical music portal site in Japan.

BRAVO Café Eiko Kano “New York VIOLIN LABO

■July 3, 2018
Eiko will attend the radio program on MBS Mainichi Broadcasting System, Japan.
*Eiko will show up around 9:45 AM.

■January 8, 2018
Eiko will attend the radio program on FM Hashimoto

Click HERE to listen to the program via the internet.
*The interview on Eiko will be on air on Jan.8 between 8-9:45am.

■November 3, 2017
Interview posted on NY Yomitime

Click HERE for the article on YOMITIME.COM.

■October 25, 2017
Interview and concert coverage by Al Jazeera English
(Click the title below to watch the video clip: the interview on Eiko Kano will start from around 1:40.)

US classical musicians try to strike a new chord with youth
by Gabriel Elizondo

■September 9, 2017
Barry Plaxen’s Review of Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra’s “Dances and Serenades”

Barry Plaxen’s Review of Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra’s “Dances and Serenades”
September 9, 2017
Eugene D. Nesin Theatre
It’s the dynamics, stupid!
(Below is the excerpt from the complete review.)Artistic qualities abound when the SCCO performs.  Those qualities: piano, forte, crescendo, decrescendo, ritardando, accelerando, sostenuto, etc., etc., etc., are what I mean by dynamics, and as I meant in the review title, that is what makes the SCCO excel. Or in other words, with the SCCO, it’s all about phrasing, phrasing, phrasing!
Being a chamber orchestra without a conductor enables each member to offer input to the way the music is performed.  And this 11-piece ensemble brings out all the beauty and magic inherent in the music. You cannot ask for anything more than “how” they perform. Led by concert master Eiko Kano, they are real music-makers, phrasing their way with a plethora of ubiquitous dynamics, giving us everything the three inspired, great composers would wish their music to say to us and do to us.
Kudos to Artistic Director (and double bass) Andrew Trombley and to Orchestra Manager (and violin) Akiko Hosoi who have assembled musicians from the local region and from (mostly) NYC.  We can be proud to call this orchestra “our own”. It ranks among the finest of our regional cultural icons.


■March 3, 2017
Interview posted on Weekly NY Japion